Продано! Исландия, Гренландия 17 ночей за 3777 евро (все перелёты, проживание, питание, экскурсии)

Мандруй Дешевше предлагает вам совершить путешествие по Исландии и Гренландии и увидеть, поистине, уникальные места на планете Земля. Вылет из Киева 8 июня.

Программа путешествия:

2 ночи в Брюсселе — отель Hilton Brussels City Hotel с завтраком

8 ночей в Исландии.

Экскурсионная программа по Исландии (с англоговорящим гидом)

7 ночей в Гренландии, 2 ночи в городе Нарсарсуак.

Экскурсионная программа по Гренландии (с англоговорящим гидом)

Стоимость такого путешествия с 8 по 25 июня 2012 года со всеми перелетами по маршруту, указанными экскурсиями и проживанием на человека при двухместном размещении — 3777 евро.

После 28 марта стоимость увеличится совсем незначительно.

Также, возможно огромное количество других, не менее, интерестных маршрутов по Исландии и Гренландии, как на указынные даты, так и на многие други.

Всё это подбирается по индивидуальному запросу у нас в офисе.

Если вас заинтересовало данное предложение, огромная просьба сначала прочитать “Что такое авторский тур от Мандруй Дешевше?”. Вся нужная вам информация по этому туру описано либо выше в этом посте, либо по предоставленной ссылке. Звонить и выяснять другие подробности нет смысла. Если вы хотите побывать в Исландии и Гренландии, нужно приходить к нам в офис и осуществлять вашу мечту !!!

По вопросам приобретения звоните нам (044)278-7473 или (067)537 2154 и приезжайте к нам в офис.

И, если вам нравятся такие путешествия и наши предложения, не забывайте нажимать на всевозможные кнопки НРАВИТСЯ под этим сообщением 🙂

Это важно для нас




вернуться в описание тура

Экскурсионная программа по Исландии (с англоговорящим гидом):


Overnight stay in Reykjavík at the newly renovated NATURA Hotel Reykjavik (transfer not included).

DAY 2 Skógar – Sólheimajökull Glacier – Vík

Restless Volcanoes – Folk Museum – Ice Walk

The tour departs from Reykjavík where you will travel south through the greenhouse town of Hveragerði. Fertile farmland and glacial rivers abound as we continue on through the south of Iceland on the way to Skógar and Skógafoss waterfall. We visit with the farmers of Þorvaldseyri Farm located at the foot of the world famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano that last erupted in the spring of 2010. A visitors center/family run exhibit was opened in spring 2011, here guests can view a 20 minute film about the spectacular natural event. Next a stop will be made at she Skogar Folk Musem before continuing on to Sólheimajökull Glacier where an optional glacial walking tour is offered.

Overnight in Vík area.

DAY 3 Kirkjubæjarklaustur — Skaftafell – Jökulsárlón

Europe’s Largest National Park and Glacier – Glacial Lagoon with Icebergs

We travel through the Catholic convent at Kirkjubæjarklaustur towards Skaftafell National Park, one of Iceland’s most outstanding areas of natural beauty. The area is dominated by magnificent views of the mighty Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. We continue to Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon where huge icebergs float and grind together in the still, deep waters of the lagoon.

Back to Vík area for overnight.

DAY 4 Westman Islands — Pompeii of the North

Lava Fields – Puffin Island — Magnificent lava fields

We travel along the south coast to Landeyjarhöfn harbor. After arriving at the pier at Bakkafjara we take a 30 minute ferry to the Westman Islands. Once there the group will explore Heimaey Island, the largest of the Westman Islands. Other adventures of the day include: a visit to the puffins in Storhofdi, a walk up to the crater of a volcano that erupted only a few years ago and exploring flora of the new lava field. After lunch the group will have some extra time to explore the Islands on their own.

Overnight in Laugarvatn or Hveragerdi area depending on season.

Note: If the route to the Westman Islands is closed due to weather conditions (spring or early summer) the tour will then continue through lava fields and outwash sands formed by floods from the volcano Katla and onwards to Laugarvatn.

DAY 5 Gullfoss – Geysir — Þingvellir – Reykjavík

Exploding Geysers — The Famous Golden Falls — National Park with Geological Wonders (UNESCO)

We depart for the Geysir hot spring area to see the famous great Geysir and Strokkur, a hot spring that spouts every few minutes. Onwards we travel to Gullfoss one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. Your next stop is Þingvellir National Park, where the ancient parliament met for centuries on the shores of Iceland’s largest lake, before heading back to Reykjavik.

Overnight stay in Reykjavík.

DAY 6 Departure

Transfer to the international airport not included.


  • 4 days guided tour from/to Reykjavík
  • Accommodation 5 nights w/breakfast and w/facilities in Reykjavík
  • Accommodation 3 nights w/breakfast and w/facilities in countryside
  • 3 dinners in the countryside
  • Entrance to Skógar museum
  • Entrance to Thorvaldseyri Volcano Exhibition
  • Roundtrip to Westman Islands with Ferry

Not included

  • Beverages and lunches
  • Optional actvities
  • Any service not specifically mentioned under «included»

OPTIONAL (at extra cost)

  • Horse show at Friðheimar farm and a visit to Tomato greenhouses (min 10 pax)
  • Ice Walk on Sólheimajökull Icefall
  • Boat tour on the Glacial Lagoon
  • Fontana Baths at Laugarvatn in th evening (if reachable by foot — just ask your guide)

вернуться в описание тура

Экскурсионная программа по Гренландии (с англоговорящим гидом):

Day 1

Arrival Narsarsuaq. Info in the airport, and boat transfer to Narsaq (duration about one hour).

Accommodation at Hotel Narsaq or Narsaq Guesthouse for two nights.

Day 2

Narsaq is a middle-sized town in South Greenland with about 1700 inhabitants. It is beautifully situated on a fertile flat area that ends abruptly at the feet of the large mountains. One of them, named «Kvanefjeld», is famous due to the large concentration of rare stones and minerals. Here you can find the beautiful, pink gemstone «Tugtupit». There are several shorter and longer hiking tours around Narsaq, but Narsaq is also surrounded by ice! From the town itself you can see the ice cap in the horizon, and the fjord is always filled up with icebergs from the surrounding glaciers; an amazing sight. The museum is housed in some of the old colony houses around the old harbour, and is definitely worth a visit.

Day 3

Boat transfer from Narsaq to Itilleq. From here you walk the 4 km at the «Kings Road» (named after the Danish King Frederik 9th’s visit in 1952) to Igaliku. The hike is easy, but you can also get a ride with the car, which is transporting your luggage. Igaliku is one of the most beautiful villages in Greenland! The colourful houses are situated in a green bay with luscious grassland. On the other side of the fjord towers the landmark Illerfissalik (Burfjeld) in a rough and desolate landscape.

Accommodation at Igaliku Country Hotel for two nights.

Day 4

Igaliku was the Episcopal seat (named Gardar) during the Norse period, and the ruins from that time are very impressive. In 1782 Anders Olsen and his Greenlandic wife Tuperna established themselves as farmers and that was the beginning of Igaliku’s newer history. There is a small museum in the church, which is worth visiting. Today the village thrives from sheep farming. An optional day hike (15-20 km) goes to the Plateau, from where there is a superb view of the Qooroq Ice fjord, the stranded ice bergs on the moraine and the enormous glacier at the head of the fjord. It is the perfect place for picnic! On the way back, you can be lucky to find minerals and stones, for instance the shining «moon stone» (Labradorit).

Day 5

Boat transfer from Itilleq to Qassiarsuk also known as Brattahlid, the place where Erik the Red settled in 982. The trip includes a guided walk through the village and the Norse ruins. The museum can be visited on your own (entrance not included). Late afternoon boat transfer to Narsarsuaq.

Accommodation Hotel Narsarsuaq for one night.

Day 6

Check out from the room. Luggage can be left at the hotel.

Guided boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord. A boat trip among icebergs of all colours, sizes and shapes. When the glacier is in view, the boat engine is stopped, so you can enjoy the absolute silence and a drink chilled with glacier ice — more than 1000 years old!

Departure to Narsarsuaq.

Day 7


Price includes

2 nights in Narsarsuaq.

2 nights in Narsaq incl. breakfast

2 nights in Igaliku incl. breakfast

1 night in Narsarsuaq incl. breakfast

Car transfer to/from airport – harbour – accommodation

Boat transfer: Narsarsuaq – Narsaq

Narsaq – Itilleq (Igaliku)

Itilleq (Igaliku) – Qassiarsuk – Narsarsuaq

Guide through the village Qassiarsuk (museum not included)

Guided boat trip to the Qooroq Ice Fjord

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