Calculate Trusted Online Gambling Agent Referral Bonuses

The possibility of chips from the above freechips promotion is very little for you. Take it easy because there are other steps where you can get chips with a much greater number of promotions above. If you often play online gambling, certainly it’s no stranger to referral bonuses. Many bettor who have used referral bonuses to play poker online without real money.

This is because referral bonuses are quite high and can be obtained many times. To play gambling without any capital with a referral bonus is not difficult. The amount of referral bonus you get depends on your referral turnover. To get referrals, you must have a referral code first. Later you must fill in your referral code on the account that you want to make a referral.


Correctly calculate Online Gambling Agent Referral Bonuses

Many successful bettor take advantage of pkv games referral bonus to play real money online poker without a deposit. Because the bonuses you can receive from referral bonuses are huge and unlimited. Your bonus depends entirely on the amount of TO of the account that uses your referral. But for those of you who are still confused, here are the steps to calculate the referral bonus:

There are 5 accounts that use your referral and the overall TO of the 5 accounts is IDR 15,000,000. The overall turnover will be multiplied by a 3% table discount, therefore 15000000 * 3% = 450,000. Furthermore, multiplied by referral bonus of 10%, 450000 * 10% = IDR 45,000. Meaning the bonus you get is 45,000.

Still not enough? You can receive a referral bonus of up to 20% but with the provisions of your account there is no TO (not played). If with a referral bonus of 20% because it is based on the calculation just now you will receive 450000 * 20% = 90,000.

With referral bonuses you can also get millions of rupiah without the need to play online gambling. You just have to multiply your referrals then don’t play your account to receive a bonus of 20%. You can multiply your referrals with the following:

  • Spread your referral link to social media.
  • Invite your friends to play using your referrals.
  • Promote the site where you play at the same time with your referral link.


Important Steps to Make Online Gambling Agent Referral Link

That’s a step you can do to play poker online for real money without a capital deposit. Both take advantage of freechips bonuses or referral bonuses, you can play poker gambling without a deposit. Poker site, you can play online gambling without any capital on the online casino site, lottery dl that offers referral bonuses.

  1. As mentioned above, to get this bonus we must register another account with our referral first. So how to find out our referral code? The trick is quite easy, first log in with your user id on the site where you are playing and go directly to the «Reference» menu.
  2. Then the referral code for your account will be shown. If you have not made a referral code because that your code will only be in the form of random numbers. If you are not happy with your referral code which has numbers you can change it.
  3. To make your referral code, just change the number with the code you want. If successful, there will be an appearance on the monitor about the success of the code.
  4. Congratulations, you have obtained your own referral code. You can use the code when registering an account for your friends. With the following referral code you can play online poker gambling without any capital. You can fill in your referrals during registration.
  5. Not only the code you get a referral link that you can spread to others. With that link you don’t need to fill in the referral code on the form because the code will fill in automatically.

That’s the step of using a referral link to play online poker gambling without any capital. The more referrals you have, the more bonus you will get for playing free online gambling.